Potential Earnings

Affiliate Earnings

We Will Pay $50.00 for a Qualified Referral and Subsequent Residuals.

You are reviewing a system you can use to earn a great deal of immediate and residual income.  To be clear, one hundred percent of your income is commissioned based.  If you make no sales, you will make no money.

For those with aptitude and initiative, you’re positioned to succeed.

To help you prosper, we make a good faith effort to promote the organizations you refer thereby assisting you in earning subsequent residuals.  We do this through our site, Friends of Texas.  Friends of Texas is where retail sales are made that benefit our affiliates.  Friends of Texas is also where we focus our marketing efforts.  We’re convinced that we’re delivering an incredible opportunity for anyone willing to apply themselves.   

There are two ways to earn money as an affiliate:

  1. Retail Sales Through Friends of Texas.
  2. Introducing Our System to Fundraising Entities.

Retail Sales – When a purchase is made through a qualified Texas organization that you referred, you will earn a commission on each and every sale in the amount depicted in the following table.

Introduction – When you refer a qualified Texas entity to Friends of Texas and that organization applies to be placed in Friends of Texas, you will earn a one-time “Fast Start Bonus” of $50.00.

Subsequent to their inclusion, you will earn residual income each time someone supports the organization you referred through a purchase from Friends of Texas.  We help precipitate those sales via our 24/7 marketing system.  Click Here. 

As the organization you referred takes advantage of our system, each purchase through Friends of Texas supporting your referral will result in a remittance to both you and them.

There is no limit to your potential earnings.  You and your referral are positioned to earn in perpetuity.

The following table breaks down the amounts you and the supported organization will earn for each retail sale.  The table does not depict your one-time Fast Start Bonus.

Great Texas Fundraiser Potential Earnings

Our affiliate program makes it well worth your while to solicit both qualified Texas organizations and retail clients that would like to honor a loved one or friend. 

Your efforts to introduce Great Texas Fundraiser to numerous schools, clubs, churches and other qualified Texas organizations could result in a tremendous number of sales that will directly benefit you.

Consider this; many organizations have annual fundraising drives that happen year after year after year.   Their annual efforts to raise funds for their organizations could provide a substantial income to you for years to come.  This is in addition to the ongoing income that may be provided by our continuous marketing efforts.  

Working with us now could help guarantee a secure future for you and your family.

At some point, there will be no further necessity for Great Texas Fundraiser to rely on an affiliate sales force.  At that time, the affiliate program will be closed to new participants.  Your application now assures that you will never be excluded from the potential earnings with our program.  That alone is a reason to begin today.

Become an Affiliate.  Click Here!

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