Welcome To Affinity Marketing

We are the home of unlimited opportunity.  At Affinity Marketing, we “Fundraise Powerfully.”  We know our numbers, we watch our numbers, we manage our outcomes.  We produce consistent, repeatable results.  Our dedication to assisting qualified Texas organizations to fulfill their mission and support their constituents provides you with a unique opportunity.  To help you help those you care most about, we have developed an affiliate program that permits you to do very well while helping others.   

You Can Profit From Our System!

We refer to our successful approach as “Metric Driven Fundraising.”

As an Affinity Marketing Affiliate, you will work with selected Texas Organizations including clubs, schools, non-profits, churches and others that have need of a consistent source of income.  You will introduce these organization to our system thereby facilitating their efforts to increase their earnings consistently.    

As their earnings grow, so will yours.  

You are in a unique position apply your marketing skills to a project permitting worthy organizations to expand their reach and compound their influence.  With Affinity, you will find a powerful and profitable outlet for your creativity that could maximize your earnings both now and far into the future. 

If your skills include:

  • Tenacity
  • Self-Direction
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal Organization
  • Exceptional People Skills
  • Professional Communication
  • Comfortable Working Autonomously

You may be qualified to grow with us.

Selected professionals can earn both immediate and recurring income that may pay you for years to come.  In addition to your direct efforts, we support you with a consistent promotional system designed to contribute to your overall earnings for years to come. 

In addition to what you earn, you’re in a position to help those that need it most.  Qualified Texas Organizations and Texas Families will applaud your efforts.

Make the decision that makes a difference.  Apply for affiliate status today.  Click Here





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