Affinity Marketing is the entry point to become an affiliate permitting you to enjoy the benefits of Great Texas Fundraiser and the potential income inherent therein.  You will help qualified Texas organizations energize their fundraising efforts by telling their stories, both of the organization and those that support their efforts.  Great Texas Fundraiser publicly extols, edifies and encourages those that support the efforts of the organization of their choice.  It’s an incredible 360-degree system that works continually.  This is what you’re delivering to a qualified Texas organization. 

When you’ve introduced a qualified Texas:

  • Club;
  • Church;
  • Library;
  • Non-Profit;
  • Sports Club;
  • High School;
  • Arts Organization;
  • Elementary School;
  • Cheerleading Organization;
  • Or Other Organization.

You’ll earn a recurring income for each purchase made supporting your qualified Texas organization.  Most of the Texas organizations you’ll introduce the system to fundraise in perpetuity.  They never stop fundraising.  As long as the organization you introduced to our system continues to fundraise with us, you’ll never stop earning. As such, the effort you make introducing our system to them could pay you for years to come 

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